If you’re thinking of starting your business in 2021, here are some ideas for you to take into account. Keeping in mind the fact that the pandemic has brought a massive change in our lives, some of them might even stay permanent. How people consume services and products have dramatically changed with the arrival of 2020.

No matter what type of business people might want to pursue, they need to create a sound business plan keeping in mind the current situation and circumstances provided. The ideas enlisted and explained below requires an initial capital investment for the start up.


If you’re passionate about a particular topic or idea, whether social media, real estate, marketing, leadership, human resource communication etc. you can start your own consultancy business. You can help people grow what they hold passionate about, moving your business to the top charts with your talent. Hence, with your firm growing you can hire more consultants in your company which will help grow your business.

Online Grocery Store

From a trend to a necessity, online grocery business have escalated its growth at an exponential rate. The food and beverage e-commerce sector are topping the revenue charts with their exceptional services that cater the consumers need in quite every way they want. You can opt for our very own online grocery store with strategies derived from competitors that can help you compare and contrast.

There are hundreds of reliable online grocery Store from where you can buy online groceries at reasonable prices. Hence, these websites can be your inspiration and competitive advantage at the same time. There plans, strategies, target market, services and products can flood you with ideas on a startup.

Online Teaching

Owing to the pandemic, the demand for online teaching has opened a wide possibility for entrepreneurs to start their own venture of online classes. With any subject of your knowledge that you can teach pretty well by clearing the concepts, you can teach your students regardless of the location. The online teaching facility facilitates students not only with good knowledge but helps overseas students gain it without any issues regarding foreign languages.

Medical Courier Service

With reliable vehicle service and exceptional time management skills, one can start their own courier service business especially in the medical line. Since the pandemic has made every one cautious of the crowded marts and superstores. Hence, you can deliver people emergency medical kits or items like drugs, medical equipment, lab specimen etc. on order. Since the healthcare industry is expanding, you can take advantage of the opportunity and dive into the medical entrepreneur journey. You can create your own app as well or a website where people can place their orders. Moreover, you can hire your own personal delivery men for dispatching orders on time.

Freelance Copywriter

The power of strong content has brought massive positive change in the marketing strategies for firms, online stores and other businesses. If you are good with words, you can be a freelance copywriter and can write blogs, articles, web content, press releases or other SEO based work. The specific keywords of these word materials help target the audience for firms when they opt for online searches. You can charge the companies for content according to per word. Freelance writing is a great business to run since the only thing it requires is a good internet connection and word power. With good networks, your referral game can get stronger and you can start with your own freelance business.

Digital Marketing

The internet has brought a revolution with every passing day and so has the digital marketing services. They are in demand from small and midsize to large international companies. It is an important part of the brand since it helps you respond to the developments of marketing strategies. The social media services has played a critical role in targeting the millennials and Generation Z. Firms can respond to their audience through comments and inbox. Furthermore, you can strategize and implement exceptional marketing strategies that can improve your client’s business.

Food Truck

Food is the way to happiness. Owing to the pandemic, the indoor dining are closed. The only safe option people are left with is open-air dining. Hence, you can start your own food truck journey with a brand dish that can be unique in its taste, quality and quantity. The food industry is dominating with its exotic taste and dishes that are internationally known. There are wide range of options for you to start with, thus you can opt for dishes that you can make good or turn out an exceptional taste for your customers to enjoy. The food truck can travel places and serve quite well with sufficient space.