Courier companies are a popular mode of delivering goods from one place to another in a quick period of time. Companies providing courier services ensure that the delivery requests made by customers exceed their expectations and timely delivery of products and packages is ensured. Courier companies, for now, are not only providing domestic courier services, but are also offering international courier services to its customers. In order to cater to international delivery requests, courier companies are now partnering with delivery service worldwide and providing quick and reliable services to its customers.

Names of Courier Companies in Pakistan

Quite a few courier companies are currently operating in Pakistan. Some of these companies are either providing only domestic courier services in Pakistan, while the rest are providing both domestic as well as international services. Some of the notable courier companies in Pakistan are listed below:

  • TCS Courier Company
  • Leopard Courier Company
  • PIA Speedex Courier Company
  • DHL Courier Company
  • FedEx Express Courier Company
  • OCS Courier Company (now acquired by Muller & Phipps)
  • DCS Courier Company
  • APX Courier Company

Courier Charges

Courier charges from companies vary according to different destinations and weight of the shipment. However, courier rates will differ if any parcel or product is delivered in the same city as compared to another city or in a different zone. Similarly, courier cost will also increase if there is an increase in the weight of the product or parcel.

Companies right now are charging different prices according to the weight and destination. Not only this, some of the companies are now also providing added services like same-day delivery or deliveries on Sunday or a holiday. All these services come up with an added cost which makes it difficult to compare the courier charges of different companies. Hence, we are doing a general comparison of courier charges by taking the weight up to 500 grams and destination of the courier will be within a city.

Courier Company NameWeightDestinationCharges
Leopard Courier Service500 gramsWithin CityPKR 70
TCS Courier Service500 gramsWithin CityPKR 90
DCS Courier Service500 gramsWithin CityPKR 50
PIA Speed ex 500 gramsWithin CityPKR 299

Courier Locations Where Companies Cover

Courier companies like TCS are providing parcel and package delivery services to more than 3,500 locations all over the world, including 380 cities nationwide.

Location of Courier Companies

Companies either have their Express Centers or branches or area offices in different cities of the country. These offices help people deliver their parcels to their destination without any hassle. Head offices of domestic companies are also located in Pakistan mostly in Karachi.

Contact info of Companies

Here is the list of contact number of courier companies along with company addresses.

Courier Company NameNumberAddress
Leopard Courier Service(021) 111 - 300 – 78619-F, Block 6, PECHS Karachi
TCS Courier Service(021) 111 - 123 – 456TCS Express & Logistics Center, TCS Headquarters, Iqbal Avenue Jinnah Airport Karachi
DCS Courier Service92 335 2393 0543, Amir Trade Center, Shahra-e-Quaideen, PECHS Block 2 Karachi
PIA Speed ex (021) 111 - 779 - 779Speedex Head Office behind PIA Training Center Airport Terminal 1 Karachi