A new line of natural grocery and staple is now available online in Pakistan

After being successful in the USA accompanied with the premium quality, Himalayan Chef is  launching a new line of grocery items in Pakistan for the first time. Furthermore, the products are chemical-free and raw. The hygienic and healthy manufacturing process is used in the manufacture. Himalayan Chef is a part of WBM which has a range of groceries and staples in Pakistan. The products are rich in flavor, and don’t contain any chemicals and contaminants. With pure nature derivation, our products  are the best protein to consume in your daily food diet.

With 100% money back guarantee, we provide you the best quality products from our grocery and staples, which consist of:

Best Premium Quality Organic Grocery and Staples now available in PakistanRice and Flour by Himalayan Chef now in Pakistan:

With the best and natural, free from GMO’s, our flour and rice are healthy and nutritious to consume on dailly basis.

Natural Spices by Himalayan Chef now in Pakistan:

Natural spices which go from organic filtrations and are absolutely healthy to consume.

Pouches and jars of Himalayan chef natural spices are the perfect way to store a larger quantity of seasoning while maintaining its consistency. Cooking at home becomes a hassle if you don’t use infused seasoning and spices.  The pouch has been designed to keep the spices essence for a longer period of time. The zip bag pouches keep the consistency of the ingredient and make it simple to use when spoonful amounts are required.

List of premium quality organic pulses in Pakistan with 100% money-back guarantee:

  • Organic White Chana 
  • Organic Black Chana 
  • Natural Daal Moong 
  • Natural Daal Chana 
  • Natural Daal Masoor whole 
  • Organic Daal Masoor
  • Organic Daal Mash 

5 Reasons Why Pulses Should Be Included in Our Daily Routine

  • Protein-rich food.
  • Minerals such as iron and potassium are abundant.
  • A good source of fiber
  • Controls blood sugar levels.
  • Gluten-free and sodium-free

Himalayan Chef has introduced a great range of premium quality grocery and staples in Pakistan that is easily available online now. So hop on the healthy lifestyle and shop the world’s best organic grocery items today.