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In order to know that either doodle is useful or un useful app ; we first need to understand that what problem this app is solving  then what services it’s competitor offering and what function was not previously existed which influences its developer to make that.

As Doodle is a cloud base meeting schedule system it gives us the basic understanding of the problem that there is something not going well with scheduling the meetings.

After digging deeper we got to know the nature of the problem. Previously, when people have to arrange the meetings then they have to go through the extensive and soul wrenching process of contacting each other and asking for their availability. And things didn’t end there, after that they have to deal with the conflicts, making sure that everyone has got the mail of meeting timing and so on.

Doodle actually trying to solve that problem in a most efficient way through the break through cloud base technology which allows them to schedule the meetings based on mutual consideration and the availability without starting the chains of never ending and ineffective emails.

It works by integrating the calendars of team members and show that who is free or busy at what time slot so that they can arrange the meeting accordingly without disturbing people by the sending the never ending emails.

These are the basic / core problems which they are solving through the cutting edge technology. Imagine a life free from daily intimidation from your boss regarding setting of the upcoming meeting.


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Let’s explore certain other benefits which this app allows you to reap.

  • It’s free. The basic functions and benefits of this apps are free to take benefits from which makes this app one of the most used productivity app.
  •  It’ll also paid version with the unique benefits which are mentioned below.
  • Ire allows members other than the creator of the poll to submit their response without actually signing up for the doodle account which increases the chance of answering the poll rather than delaying due to extensive pre-requisites to take on.
  • Flexibility is maintain by doodle by introducing its app, now answering the poll is just one click away. Laptops, PC’s, mobile and tabs all can be used to for accessing the doodle with no restriction to one operating system.
  • It allows us to save the polls too which means if you had created a poll previously and wanted to create it again then use this benefit and save your time and energy in recreating it from the scratch.
  • What If you and your team members are using the different calendars? No issues Doodle can integrate the different calendars of different team members and shows the accurate availability of the team members in order to plan meetings effectively.
  • Little but an important aspect of privacy is covered as it’ll allow the other members to only know that either you are busy or free rather than where you are busy. Now take the sight of relief as you are saved now.
  • You can also get the trail of paid version in order to use it and get the hands on idea that either it’s needed and suits to your business or not. Know yourself rather than allowing any one else told you.

PERKS You Get by Doodle Paid App:

  • Paid benefits includes the access to the information of the question. Now, no more awkward silences on asking the question who didn’t respond. But make sure to use it wisely.
  • Get the benefit of branding your business or organization through the paid service as it’ll allow you to put the logo of your organization as a replacement to the doodles logos. So, get connected in a way that it promote your business.
  • Zippier integration will also allow you to get the benefit of the other related automated solutions to the problems your business faces.


  • It allows all team member to engage and enhance the team building skills and problem solving skills by putting efforts in figuring out the mutual time for the meeting.
  • It further creates empathy as by seeing the other person’s schedule as we all have the tendencies to overestimate our time and underestimate others. Especially with the tendency that only we are working other members are sitting ideally.
  • As a boss /team leader/ project supervisor you can discuss the schedule of the team members in order to ensure that they workload is not more than what they can do .But make sure that you don’t use to violate the privacy of the other person.
  • Using Doodle will increase the productivity of the team members by eliminating the    unrelated multitasking. Free your members to constantly checking their mails and replying about their and other schedules.


Everything has both its down sides too and doodle is no different. Let explore some things that Doodle is lacking in:

  • Sometimes in doodle it’s difficult to change the answers one had submitted before as it didn’t recognize the person as the original sender. So, till now let some things be unedited or at least be more aware of what you post.
  • Reminder option is only available in the paid version of Doodle App. So , if want to remind those who hadn’t respond to the poll then make sure that you had sign up for the paid premium service.


Some users demand the option of putting the deadlines to the poll as humans work when they get deadlines for the task. Like life is worth living as it has the deadline and we’ll be no more after that deadline, and the only thing which remains is the memory of us.





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