ESET NOD32 Antivirus Review

There are many antivirus programs available in the current market. It is essential to get one that will effectively protect your data. ESET NOD32 Antivirus claims to be one that aims to let you remain safe from any sort of malware along with online threats such as phishing.

A brief review of ESET NOD32 Antivirus

  • Simple to install
  • Has a simple to employ a user interface
  • Will identify and keep your data safe from dangerous malware and harmful viruses
  • Gives basic and powerful protection for all PC’s from common threats such as spyware and that without actually taking much space upon a computer
  • Users will not need to stop gaming, browsing the internet, shopping online, etc.
  • ESET’s software gives top quality and reliable protection
  • The products do not have features such as a VPN plus file shredder which come with many other good antivirus packages
  • Not for your Mac along with IOS, but has programs that are compatible with one’s Apple devices


  • Excellent reviews present within independent tests
  • Satisfactory variety of useful plans
  • Simple along with easy to employ interface
  • Top-quality malware detection
  • Will not impact the precise speed of your computer


  • Rather expensive
  • Needed manual update
  • Does not have some features that are basic standard ones

Detailed Overview of ESET NOD32

Any antivirus that you purchase, it must get rid of malware infestations moreover stop any other attacks from occurring. This is one of the main things to look at. Some products do these things, whilst others such as ESET NOD32 Antivirus, aim to go further than this. Apart from other extra features, you will get an effective Host Intrusion Prevention System, useful scanner present for your precious PC’s firmware, and even a handy device control system. However you should know that some of the bonus features tend to be rather complex for any average user.

ESET NOD32 Special Security Feature:

This antivirus is regarded as the attractive entry-level one of ESET’s precise security services. Some independent and professional testing labs state that it is one of the strongest antivirus products. ESET is famous for its wonderful potential to find and then disable any threatening malware. This is without actually slowing down the required speed of one’s computer. It is an attractive option for those who use Windows.

Extra security features, such as password storage plus protection for your Androids along with Macs can be gotten, but with notable upgrades to some other presentESET packages.

Those who pursue most of their computing upon mobile devices like Chromebooks, mobile phones, etc. these people often will not need to get a particular antivirus program as these usually have antivirus moreover malware protection that is built within the present operating system. Nevertheless, ESET does possess choices for increased protection. Parental controls upon kids’ devices can also be gotten with this.

Nearly all antivirus programs possess the potential to detect then get rid of potentially strong, unwanted, and unrequired applications or PUAs. These are those programs that, however not actively malicious, will lead to issues that are more than any positive benefits that they garner. Some antivirus programs default to getting rid of these PUAs whilst others will default to simply leaving them alone. Looking at NOD32, this allows users to choose if they wish to get rid of PUAs at the time of installation. It is advised to enable helpful PUA detection. When installation has been completed, NOD32 will pursue a scan. This will be for testing reasons.

When ESET NOD32 Needs Your Special Attention

Looking at the important main window, this has much whitespace and an image of ESET’s famous blue-eyed attractive cyborg mascot. When you wish to launch some scan and even update, simply employ the menu on the current left-side or utilize the pair of the huge blue panels present close to the bottom area of your window. if, in case, a configuration issue occurs, you will notice the prominent green securing banner turning red. That’s the time, when ESET requires your attention, like when it wishes to show you the vital results of your finished scan, for instance, a small number will appear by the available corresponding and highlighted menu item.

You will get many settings that will let you actively tweak NOD32’s configuration. You will not need to page across every option when aiming to locate the one you desire. One will simply have to type inside the handy search box.

Cost of basic ESET NOD32

It is important to know the complete cost of the particular antivirus that you are planning to get. One can benefit from the 30-day attractive free trial to decide if this particular antivirus is for you. A simple NOD32 subscription will cost you around $39.99 every year. With additional licenses, that are still a total of only five, you will add around $10 every year. The deal will get better for every extra device that you require protection for. Other antivirus programs costs are similar for one license.

Features & Usability Points to Know About ESET NOD32 Antivirus

● One benefit of ESET NOD32 Antivirus is that you will get effective malware along with anti-phishing safety. It is sufficient enough so that Google employs it when wanting to let Chrome remain safe.
● There is a straightforward type of user interface. Having simple organized prompts plus dashboards, this antivirus is easy for all who wish to use its software.
● The antivirus has a sleek design. You will not find it to be cluttered and confusing.
● When constant notifications come, this can be rather annoying. This antivirus will only notify you at the time that it is required.
● VPNs are necessary at the time that you wish to keep information secure. ESET does not give this service. The user will have to purchase some other product when they wish to have a private network.
● There is no automatic back up, i.e. the antivirus will not back up its software automatically. You will, therefore, need to go into helpful support forums and get the help of customer service if you need to know how to do this by yourself.
● There is no vital file shredder therefore it will not permanently delete the files. This feature is present in most similar antivirus software.
● You will not get the option of an automatic database update. One needs to manually tell the system to do this, something that can be not remembered easily.

Scan options

NOD32 completes a full scan of a standard clean test system in around 66 minutes. This is more than the average time of around 45 minutes. However, this is not something to be against the antivirus. At the time of the initial scan, the antivirus will optimize for further scanning, and mark those known good programs which will not need another look. If you pursue a second scan, this will complete in around seven minutes only.

You will not get the quick scan choice that is present in other antivirus products, however, you will get some custom scanning options. It is possible to drop shady files and folders upon the main scan page particularly for some fast checkups. The antivirus provides the choice to scan every removable drive that you mount. From its custom helpful scan menu, it is possible to scan memory, effectively boot sectors, plus any local and network drive.

With the string boot sector scan, you should know that this will even actively trigger the antivirus’s UEFI scanner. This is the Unified Extensible Firmware Interface. It is the thing that modern computers employ rather than the old BIOS. This UEFI scanner will run actively in the background. It will make certain that no malware subverts the firmware.

Antivirus protection features

File-based needed virus scans tend to be supported within this antivirus. This encompasses general scans plus custom scans. One advanced feature that controls any access to your devices that are wanting to connect to the system is provided by Device Control. Physical drives such as USB sticks along with hard drives, plus devices aiming to connect through wireless methods like FireWire, are included in this.

The antivirus employs a handy cloud file type of reputation service, currently aiming to keep you safe against fresh malware, moreover amazing and strong anti-phishing types of measures tend to actively be present to stop harmful websites even before these achieving the opportunity to affect the computer. With the aid of the useful UEFI scanner, one will know that their existing malware will be searched within the necessary computer’s firmware. There are above 150 amazing customizable strong settings that let one alter the way ESET NOD32 functions on a system.

Recognizable antivirus performance

Looking at specific AV-Comparatives’ precise September 2018 report, this antivirus was in 12th position out of 18. Moreover it has a strong general protection score, which was 98.5%. The antivirus claims to do a bit better than the one in February-June. Looking at current anti-malware occurring tests, it did much better here, being in 3rd position out of only 13 within SE Labs’ particular July-September 2018 effective home type of anti-malware report.

You may be thinking that these results are not amazing, but you should know that the lab reports do these important antivirus programs upon their default settings. For those people who know how to use this, they will be able to enhance these scores particularly by tweaking some settings and employing certain advanced features, such as Device Control.

Notable security along with privacy

ESET NOD32 does not possess any auxiliary security plus privacy features. This is not like its competitors who have these. For those who need this should look at other present ESET’s offerings, such as its good Internet Security and Smart Security Premium type of packages.

Main Interface

A precise learning curve is present in the particular antivirus’s main interface. It takes time to understand how to utilize it. One may become confused with the buttons, many links, confusing sidebars, and even status
information that is all aiming to get space. By taking positive aid of the useful Help function, you will know what the required settings mean. This helps in making this interface very user-friendly.

Looking at the helpful Tools menu, this is less confusing, having increased visual representation of the running processes, logs, plus other data. Considering EST SysInspector, this is the feature that will make a needed virtual photograph particularly of the precise program and that at any precise given point. It will highlight vital information. Even though this is not really good for beginners, it is still a strong tool.

For advanced users that know how to employ technical interfaces, they will like the way that ESET NOD32’s states to be amazingly customizable. Being a pure type of antivirus program, it possesses many more features in comparison to what people may think. Therefore, you need to spend time becoming familiar with it if you want to know how to use it perfectly.

Custom support

It is important to look at how effective customer support is in case you have any issues. You can address them immediately. Customer support present for ESET NOD32 tends to be mostly handled by articles present on the brand’s website. These are divided into different users, i.e. business ones, home ones, and existing customers. You can even send an important message to the customer service using the in-browser form. You have to know that customer support tends to not be available 24 hours.

How to Install ESET NOD32 

To begin employing ESET NOD32 one will only need to have an email address. This is because everyone can benefit from the month-long free trial. Looking at the installation procedure, this is simple. The package claims to helpfully automatically update by itself particularly on installation moreover pursue an initial scan by itself. The current installation files take up around 650 MB only, of your hard disk area. This program needs around 100 MB of RAM at the time it is idle.

Final Words!

ESET NOD32 is one powerful when looking at it as a present antivirus. You will not get any important additional extras. Therefore it will only pursue one job. But it will do this excellently and using a huge amount of handy customizable settings. This is why regular users can benefit much from it and that at a reasonable cost. If you are willing to take out time to understand how to use it, you will see how good it is.

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