Free Online Games for Kids of All Ages

In this era of science & technology, educational games are playing very comprehensive role for the brain development of kids. These games help children to learn and comprehend things very quickly and easily. These games are a great tool to nurture your child’s curiosity with immersive activities that makeĀ learningĀ an exciting activity!

Below is the list of some educational android games for kids. Pick the app according to your need and choice!

Math Kids

This game aims to introduce the concept of numbers and mathematics. Kids can learn to count, comparing, adding, subtracting, etc. It will train your child for sorting, and logical skills along with early mathematics. The app helps kids for the perfect foundation for lifetime learning.

The app has an option of customizing game modes through which you can increase or decrease the difficulty level, or you can check report cards so you can see progress for previous levels.

Recommended for Kids at 3 and Up.

Free Online Games for Kids of All Ages

ABC Spelling

This Android game is designed to make your young one learn the alphabets, sound out words, and associate letters with pictures. This beautiful game has colorful graphics and wonderful animation to help your kid discover with more fun!

In this game, parents have complete control to set options and modify game modes to make learning more effective for their child.

Recommended for Kids at 3 and Up.

Free Online Games for Kids of All Ages

Educational Games

This game consists of 12 games that develop memory and retentive capacity, designed for children from 3 to 10 years old.

This game helps children to improve their ability to focus and identify objectives. It helps to develop your child recognition and memory skills.

This android game simply stimulates and improves the capacity for observation and attention.

Recommended for Kids at Age 3 and Up.

Free Online Games for Kids of All Ages

Kids Learn Professions

This game is available in 6 different languages like English (US), English (GB), Spanish, German, Russian & French. There are about 200 puzzles in 7 different exciting styles to help your kid know the jobs.

This multilingual game enables your child to recognize the occupations and matching between professions and tools.

This app has different activities like helping the farmer, fishing game, cooking, grilling, making pizza, making ice cream, building a railway, coloring, and the memory cards section.

Recommended for Kids at Age 5 and Up.

Free Online Games for Kids of All Ages

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids is an award-winning app. The app is developed with the collaboration of experts at the Stanford Graduate School of Education. It has a different variety of activities, interesting topics and thousands of educational games, books, songs, and interactive activities.

The app’s adaptive learning pattern customizes children’s experience which helps them master different skills. The app has a feature of recorded audio narration so that kids can read books on their own!

Recommended for Kids at Age 5 and Up.

Free Online Games for Kids of All Ages

Masha and the Bear

Masha and the Bear is one of the favorite cartoon series among children in all over the world. This wonderful app contains a lot of activities and games which will let your child to work on their motor skills, creativity and musical intelligence.

This app is particularly designed to develop visual and musical intelligence and sharpen the memory of your toddler. In this activity game, Masha will assist in different scenarios to help your child learn while having fun.

Recommended for Kids at Age 8 and Under.

Free Online Games for Kids of All Ages

Kids Academy

This is another fun-filled educational app designed for your adolescent. It enables your kid to learn quickly through its amazing illustrations and graphics. It is designed by experts in early education.

The app includes over 5,000 learning activities like games, videos, and worksheets. Custom-made learning plan, progress tracking, and reporting. This app covers all aspects of preschool education.

Recommended for Kids at Age 2 to 10.

Free Online Games for Kids of All Ages


This interesting app includes an Art Gallery, Magic, Music, Poetry, Tongue Twisters, and Bird Riddles sections from the Starfall website.

An Auto Read features to model fluent reading, this feature can be disabled any time or once your child is able to read independently.

Your kid will enjoy learning through this app and his reading vocabulary, world knowledge will also enhance. It’s fun to learn!

Recommended for Kids at Age 6 to 8

Free Online Games for Kids of All Ages

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