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. you can simply visit the site and get assistancecddVero is an all-in-one platform to connect and engage with your customer and increase the revenue of your business. It is a platform that can help you efficiently manage and utilize real-time customer data which eventually increases the customer engagement ratio.

This platform is popular internationally and many of the leading brands are using it as their primary choice. Some of these companies are HelloPrint, Monzo, Tidal, Unsplash, About.me, Stickermule, Pipedrive, WhenIWork, .bubble, and many more!

It brings automation to your business. For those who want to serve their customers 24/7, this messaging helps you to fill the gap between the time when you are not available to attend the customers personally.

Vero allows you to get the advantage of message personalization for every customer so that you can get human touch even in your automation process. With the high-end automation and scheduling system of Vero, you can allow your customers to get a perfectly personalized experience every time.

Vero helps you to utilize the data to enhance customer engagement with precise and personalized messages. So, instead of brainstorming from scratch, you can use Vero to get the best-personalized message ideas for your customers to keep them engaged and satisfied.

Vero Features

Vero gives you a pack of high-end features that can help you enhance the flexibility and personalization in your business. Here are some of the major features that might be the highlight of this platform!

Dedicated IP:

With Vero, you will get a dedicated IP address for your mailing and messaging needs. It will be dedicated to your account only and all your emails will be sent from a dedicated server that is available just for you.

Vero ensures that every dedicated IP address that is being delivered to you has a high and consistent reputation so that you can get the best result of your mailing and messaging process without facing any limitation due to IP reputation. Managing and maintaining the dedicated IP’s reputation depends on your mail content and contact list. The quality of your data will eventually influence IP influence.

BYO email:

With Vero, you will get the advantage of Bring Your infrastructure for your messages and emails. It will also offer message tracking so that you can track every single step of your mailing process. You can easily create reports and understand customer behavior and expectations with this data.

With this infrastructure, you will get multiple choices of dedicated email service providers to choose from. Vero can give you dedicated email support with multiple service providers such as Mandrill, Mailjet, Mailgun, Dyn, and Sendgrid.

Push Notifications:

With Vero push notifications, you can keep your customer- business relation active even when they are on hold. Personalized or sometimes actionable notifications will inspire customers to take your services. It will help you increase the workflow management and all of it can be easily monitored in one simple and user-friendly platform!

Also, Vero allows you to edit or preview your emails or messages on your Andriod as well as iOS devices so that you can keep the management in your hand! It allows you to choose a template and then you can add your personalized content in a selected push notification to make them even more useful.


Vero doesn’t require your attention all the time. You have the option of scheduling your push notifications and messages that will be sent based on the customer behavior data. It will allow you to add high-level automation in this process.

When there is a need for managing notifications or mails for any event or date-specific task, scheduling can be used to manage the date precision in your customer engagement process. You can make your task more efficient with automated scheduling as well.

Test & Improve:

Vero contributes to the improvement of your customer engagement. With the received or collected data, you can create a report and analyze the customer behavior.  You can create A/B Tests campaigns that will help you understand and improve customer engagement in your business.

Vero allows you to increase the production speed with its customization and personalization feature. With this platform, you would be able to centralize the customer data so that you can easily segment all the customers properly. After that, you can create the campaigns and run the A/B testing to test its efficiency and usability, etc.

Subscriber Handling:

Vero allows you to get rid of email bounce repetition with the automated subscription handling process. When the Vero system receives the hard bounce and soft bounce notification from any customer’s mail, the handling procedure starts automatically.

If a mail is Hard Bounce, which is a permanent delivery failure, the system automatically unsubscribes the mail. And when Soft Bounce is registered, which is a temporary delivery failure, the system doesn’t unsubscribe the mail until it is more than 10 times or 30 day’s period. After this period, the system automatically registers it as Hard Bounce and unsubscribe the mail.

High Deliverability:

Vero system ensures that your emails are delivered to the recipient with a high deliverability ratio. When we say deliverability, it doesn’t simply mean that the mails have been delivered to the user, it means that it is delivered in the inbox of the user and not in the spam folders.

Vero system analysis the accepted email formats and considers the limitations of recipient mail provider such as Gmail or Yahoo. When deliverability is the matter, there can be multiple factors that can bring a negative or positive effect on its result. Such as mail content, mail engagement, mail volumes, time to time fluctuations in volume and IP or domain infrastructure, etc.

To ensure that every Vero user gets a high deliverability advantage, the Vero system gives personalized ideas to create and send more effective emails to improve the overall percentage of customer engagement. And when this is not enough, there is a highly dedicated deliverability support that can help you diagnose the issues of deliverability and give you the best results.

Workflow Management:

Vero allows you to create workflow planning with its Workflow feature. You can create the Workflow in this platform according to your strategy. And then, the system will give you time to time insights on it.

This data can allow you to understand customer engagement and it will also highlight the numbers that were exited. It will give you insights regarding entered customers and exited customers along with live and converted customers so that you can properly understand the customer response with real-time data. This will allow you to see if your marketing strategy reached the desired conversion goal or it needs more improvement.

User Friendly:

Vero is extremely easy to use platform. It has been designed to give you the best results of your business marketing without complicating things with unnecessarily complex system infrastructure. It is available for Web-Based, SaaS, and Cloud platforms.

Additionally, Vero allows its users to get unlimited freedom of everything! For example, users can create unlimited sub-accounts without worrying about any extra charges. There will be unlimited availability of emails and you can create users without any limitation as well!

Training & Support:

For those who are new to this platform, Vero provides in-person trainings to help users understand system completely. Users can also get help from time to time webinars that are dedicated to offer better understanding of Vero features. These webinars can also help you get some ideas on upcoming updates that might help you in the process.

If these sources are not sufficient, there is always online live support and documented support available on the website. By visting the website, you can get answers to all your questions. Online support will allow you to get in touch with an expert at any time of the day and night.

Vero Prices:

Vero aims to provide a platform that is suitable for business of every scale. Therefore, users are given the option of choosing customized plans that are perfectly suitable for their budget. User can choose their subscribers and get the best prices for the service!

Vero standard plan starts with $125 per month which includes unlimited push notifications and emails. Additionally, when you choose the annual plan, you can get a big saving of 15% on your overall billing.

Most importantly, before you invest in the platform, you can try using Free of cost Vero Trial. This ia how you can get the introduction of all the advantages of this platform. Afterwards, you can invest according to your requirement and grow your customer engagement as well as business with Vero!

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