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GO TO MEETING: A Proficient Online Meeting Platform

In today’s emerging world, companies focuses over the things that allow their work more trouble-free, easy to handle and cost-effective. So, in this technological world, use of webinar software has become a key strategy for businesses for growth. The word webinar is a combination of two words “web” and “seminar” .webinar platform is a lecture, video workshop or a meeting/presentation hosted online via webinar software’s that aims to deliver, forward and share information, ideas and updates with people around the world. It can also be valuable to build and foster strong relationship, exemplify a product and create authority around a brand. There are a lot of webinar software’s that hold its individual uniqueness. Among all, one of the most demanded software is go-to-meetings.

HISTORY of Go To Meeting:

The software is developed and marketed by LogMein in 2004 by using screen sharing and remote access. Further, it got modified in 2006 as go-to-training. lately, In 2010 expanded go-to-meeting constituents to attract a large segment of users.

Go to meeting proposes to connect the host computer view with a group of other computers connected by the host one via the internet. Go to the meeting is the best tool for teleconferencing, desktop sharing, and online meeting for the ease of companies that have workforce all over the place. It offers feature that allow you to take your message globally, does not matter wherever situated. It can be use from any browser plus most mobile devices with or without the need of camera. The web-hosted service is super easy and cost-effective platform packed with various functionalities to connect everyone through an online seminar. it is a substitute of gathering all employees in headquarter for any big annual meeting which saves time and money of any company which makes it a better choice for businesses. Its super convenient for businesses that have employees all over the place, thus they can connect with a ton of good features in it. Without traveling or challenges of room space, companies can reach and engage with a broad audience efficiently and quickly. Besides, it proffers a lot of great features in their free version and has the most powerful tools in their professional versions.


If necessity is the grounds of development, covid -19 enforced many companies around the globe to alter our daily routines from work to school to entertainment. The pandemic situation has a greater negative impact on the financial system of companies and restricts ourselves to maintain a social distance. Particularly, this pandemic situation enforcing many businesses to move into the virtual environment rather than person-to-person meetings. So, companies that had previously worked remotely, made webinar platform a practice earlier and capable to use technology well and reorganize their business model for the future by fast-tracking digital alteration are on a lower risk side or on a safer zone and had a competitive edge than those who switched due to the current situation


Considering the Work from home situation, the remote working tools are becoming a significant part of our everyday life. LogMeIn is one of the world’s top 10 SaaS companies delivering many remote functioning tools for, remote support, collaboration and client engagement..In the current situation of COVID pandemic, to ease and sustain the community and customers, LogMeIn has offered free Emergency Remote Work equipment for Health Care services, learning Institutions, Non-Profit organizations and municipalities. By means of these products you can keep social distance and correspond with your colleagues, community educate you students etc.

Core Features:

  • It’s more than just a video conferencing platform-One Can host, schedule and record webinars and virtual meetings.
  • It’s more than just a aural conferencing you can either see and hear if got a webcam that facilitate on the scenarios where companies are planning a sale pitch or either having a intense discussions.
  • While discussions, you can share the content of your desktop or screen, show up various windows through this platform.
  • You can proceed or share the control of the meeting charge to another user effortlessly
  • Attendants can record the meeting and play it back later if failed to attend the meeting.
  • By using the drawing tools, you can underline and illustrate items on the screen throughout the session.
  • It simply allows most popular platforms and devices to conduct meetings like chrome book,Mac, Pc IOS etc.
  • It can host up to 100 attendants at a time.

GoToMeeting is an online -conferencing software that allows to execute business meetings online. If you have people, supplier, or customers outside of your time zone, the software makes it effortless to correspond the needs round the world in an instantaneous.

Pros And Cons of Go To Meeting:

Pros of Go To Meeting:

The main advantage of GoToMeeting is affordability, ease of use, client flexibility and safety. Companies opt to use this software for their web and video conferencing needs since of its affordability and vigorousness. It deliver its users with functionality and ease of use alike other software. Nevertheless, it differs because of its reasonable price.

Plenty of Add-Ons Available

Use plug-ins add-ons to control meetings via google calender, outlook , iOS calendars, and various popular apps and devices. Invite people and arrange meetings just like any other meeting on your calendar. When it’s time for the meeting, open the occasion on your calendar, click the GoToMeeting button, and there you go!

Participants can faultlessly begin an online conference with the software’s accessible interface. And with it, they can also give users with a customized URL therefore they can join the meeting easily.

Protection & Security at Its Peak

With features like multi-national toll-free numbers, this software is reliable in gathering global members and addressing matters with them. It has PIN-based access, making this software more protected. The PIN must be entered by the users to join the meeting and stands them as because this feature is not offered on much web conferencing software. This allows each person a feeling of safety while joining a meeting. for now, GoToMeeting also offer channels for support and learning materials, as well as live training ,PDF guides and  training videos.

Unlike some other platforms, it has least technical and buffering problems.

Share Documents with Ease

Sharing is very easy with GoToMeeting.You can share documents in real-time, If you need to exchange some information or document have with your team, you can easily do that immediately with this software. All at once you have majority of the features that you will get like Skype, together with the option for add-ons that modify your service. This means having face-to-face video interaction throughout the meeting if you need.

Add Upto 250 Attendees in a Meeting

GoToMeeting allows you to host very large meetings if you desire. You can add up to 250 attendees are possible through its SaaS option, which makes it likely to turn the meeting into an all company event, a webinar or a large-scale meeting with your clients.

Record Meetings

GoToMeeting permits its end-user to record their meetings so  can be beneficial for those who could not joined due to any issue.

Integrations are Available

Several integrations are available in this software. Go-To-Meeting has worked hard over the years to provide various integrations that are helpful to meeting members. You can incorporate google calendar, Zapier and as well as Chrome into the software to expand your output. Simultaneously, you get the advantage of holding a meeting with anyone, while they are in a distant location. Moreover, Churches are also utilizing this software to deliver services and conduct classes to people who are house bound. That is how flexible this software turns out to be.

While everything has some of its advantages it also has some scarcity on it too. Below some of the cons discussed of go to meeting:

CONS of Go To Meeting:

 Needs a Stable Internet Connection.

If your ISP likes to ping your modem very often, then you could find this software won’t work for you. It necessitates a strong and stable data connection for the platform to work as planned. When issue in services are present, although they are momentary, there is no way for the platform to recuperate and enforces you to start over your meeting that can be a serious trouble if you have a larger number of attendants

Quality of the Equipment Matters a Lot.

GoToMeeting software requires attendees and users to have latest mobile device and modernized IT equipment to be part of the meeting session. If you have an outdated machine or device, most probably chances are that it won’t work as planned. If a user has obsolete equipment, then you’ll need an upgraded version prior to take the benefits offered by the software.

It Can be Tricky to Answer the Call-in-Process.

Primarily, joining a meeting with this software is a simple process. But there are times when the connection does not happen, though, and the causes may be unidentified. A simple break down in the routing process to connect can be enough to interrupt the whole process.

There is a Cost to Get Access for the Best Beatures .

GoToMeeting does not proffer an “free of charge” plan. The “Starter plan,” cost at $19 per month, which comprises a 20% discount from purchasing an yearly subscription. With the Starter plan, you are allowed to just add 10 members within your meeting. To get advantages of different features like unlimited recording, drawing tools and mobile apps, its obligatory to use the Pro plan, which cost $29 per month and 150 members.

The Chat Option is Somewhat Limited.

GoToMeeting bounds the chat function to chat within the meeting. You’re not allowable to generate chat rooms to assist your team to work together prior to joining the meeting. Consider this software more of a meeting tool than a real-time solidarity tool, although you have the choice to forward and share document s with each other in real-time.

Above go –to-meeting pros and cons propose a solid choice for companies or individuals switching for remote meeting support. You’re given authorization to, audio, video and screen sharing options. It is simple to use and incorporate into your business practice. While there are a few restrictions for certain users, rather than that it is a easy, uncomplicated service that will turn your meeting into meaningful and productive sessions.

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