Highly Recommended References for Microsoft Exam 70-483: Books, Practice Tests, Online Courses and More!

Interested in honing your knack in C# programming? Thinking of which certification to choose? You’ve come to the right page! Here’s everything you ought to learn about the ever-marketable C# programming language through Microsoft exam 70-483. So, let’s begin with a little overview of this certification exam, and then continue with its most recommended resources, both online and offline.

Becoming an MCSA certification holder with exam 70-483

First things first, exam 70-410 is a mandatory test to become a Microsoft Certified Solutions Associate in Web Applications. You need to complete this exam, together with 70-486, which is the test that demonstrates your skills in ASP.NET web apps. Another way to earn your MCSA is by passing both exams 70-480 and 70-486.

Going back, exam 70-483 measures your aptitude in working with C# language. These take into account a series of technical responsibilities that you need to polish so you’ll become proficient in your chosen field. Some of the tasks you’ll master here are dealing with program flow features such as multithreading, exceptions, events, and callbacks, as well as incorporating data access through I/O operations and LINQ. Moreover, the test allows you to magnify your knowledge in terms of designing various types, manipulating strings, debugging apps, and creating diagnostics.

Making use of various prep resources for a fruitful exam experience

There’s no harm in trying as many exam materials as you want. However, there could be a downside, and that includes spending extra money on unnecessary stuff. Thus, if you want to be practical, check out this list of recommended resources that you can use when you’ve decided to take exam 70-483.

  1. Get started with the specially-designed prep video

What a better way to start your exam training with the prep talk created for exam 70-483! This video opens up all the key things you need to familiarize with the exam, including the skills you’ll learn as well as the benefits you’ll gain. The industry experts who will walk you through are James Seymour and Jerry Nixon, who are all certification specialists.

  1. Carry on with the top-rated books

Who says books are outdated? Well, you got to think twice because books are contributory pieces that you need to incorporate in your exam preparation. No need to look further because we’ve gathered all the best books that you can use for your upcoming exam. These include the Exam Ref 70-483 Programming in C# by Rob Miles, The C# Programmer’s Study Guide (MCSD) for Exam 70–483 by Ali Asad, and the MCSD Certification Toolkit for Exam 70–483 by Tiberiu Covaci, Gerry O’Brien, Vincent Varallo, and Rod Stephens. All these resources discuss the topics in detail, making it more relatable and beneficial. Plus, most of these not just provide rigorous elaboration of the exam objectives but also some practical samples and even some code challenges to answer. You can easily purchase these from Amazon.

  1. Learn from the experts in a classroom course

If you want something more stimulating with the supervision of a Microsoft instructor, you can avail of the classroom training. This one is definitely recommended for those who want a concise yet informative type of discussion. Within 5 days, you will be transformed into a well-versed programmer who now masters the integral and even minor aspects of the C# program structure. You will grasp up certain skills such as efficiently creating apps, running program flows, working with data validation, and making decision statements.

  1. Study at your own schedule with an online course

If you want something that will fit your schedule, don’t worry because Microsoft also offers a self-paced course for you. This one still presents the entire spectrum of official topics, which means you won’t go astray with the things that you ought to study. Moreover, this course is not your typical, boring discussion; it’s a more engaging way of learning with lots of practical demonstrations and samples. To top all of that, the course gives you extra techniques that you can capitalize on both your certification exam and workplace.

  1. Get it done with practice tests

Done with the exam materials above? It’s high time to move forward and assess your abilities. And if you’re looking for the most effective way to evaluate your knowledge and skills, PrepAway.biz got you covered! With this site, you will not just pass your C# cert exam but will also help you become a more dependable developer in real life. PrepAway is actually one of the most commended exam dump providers at present. They have free dumps for your certification exam that you can use as practice tests. In addition, you can purchase their premium bundle if you want to continuously expand your insights about the exam topics. Such package usually includes a verified file, a training course, and a study guide. To add more, it’s available at a discounted price, which is currently $39,99.

Checking your credentials beforehand

Before you get excited and start studying for the exam, make sure you are the right fit for 70-486 test. The certification exam is for developers with a background in C# programming, ideally at least 1 or more years of working experience. Consequently, you should have a basic understanding of different app types, including both hardware and software solutions.


Choosing to be a C# professional is surely a great decision that you won’t regret. It’s one of the most used programming languages, giving you a better, brighter career in the future. With many mobile, web, and game apps introduced year by year, your value as a web developer or web administrator also increases. So, do your best in preparing for Microsoft exam 70-486 using the most valid and updated practice tests and your career will really serve you well!

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