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With the evolving technology and increasing amount of significant data of large-scale businesses, entrepreneurs and consumers, it is now crucial to store their valuable information into a securable environment as well as to share them remotely with others. IDrive is the readily available backup service provider solution featuring Multiple device backup, Multi device compatibility, online file syncing and more. It’s a tool for windows, servers, Macs and even cellphones. Originally, California-based tech Company, IDrive Inc generated this product which later turned into their flagship legacy. Raghu Kulkarni is the current CEO of this service with net revenue $11.8M. IDrive has basically three kinds of packages: Basic, Personal and business with different bundles and charges. A huge system is running with a great number of people in the backend to backup user’s data anytime, providing a 24-hr service to guarantee an accurate reserving of the files. Unlike traditional means of storing data in a hard disk which is very time consuming and needs to be operated manually to scan any bugs, IDrive makes it easy to use with almost zero maintenance and IDrive, Users may only require to access and retrieve those data when necessary. It is specialized in remote access, file sharing, online backups and cloud storage. The core services include iDrive, iBackup and Remote PCs.

About the Product:   

It’s a misconception that cloud storage and cloud backup is the same thing which can be used interchangeably. Cloud storage is a manual process of selecting files and accessing them from different devices, whereas cloud backup works remotely to save copies of the file. Besides, in today’s digital age, IDrive supports both sharing of files and backup with some additional tools which outperforms its functionality with different other solutions including Google Drive and Drop Box. This Extra feature becomes the major reason behind its increased revenue line.

Modes of backup:

IDrive offers both compressed and incremental modes of backups. In compressed mode, as backup may take a vast amount of space; so, to reduce it, the whole files are passed through a program called gzip compression program, but it may be problematic if even one single bit compression goes wrong, following to produce an error to the whole file. It results in the loss of data and overlooks the main idea of backing up; Other methods can be used for instance compressing each file individually, hence error in one file does not pass through the whole set of data and this mode is implemented using afio program.

Contrarily, Incremental Backups are desirable and less hectic, as it only contains new information and successive copies from when the last backup file was created. It identifies the records and changes from the preceding stored copy to update it. Therefore, it requires less memory and cost. It features different levels of increments for example level 0 indicates a whole new backup is to be done. Furthermore, it has different types of increments as well some of them are reversible and forever incremental.


IDrive is a rich service provider including two major features of data backup and data storage. This combination makes it compete with not only backup devices but also storage devices such as Google Drive. The purpose of backup and recovery is to provide a copy of data when any mishap occurs such as data corruption, Software and hardware failures, illegal access to the system, human made errors, malicious attacks or any other natural disaster. To overcome this issue,  IDrive imparts one of the best solutions by creating an account to the cloud for users to upload their crucial files.

Likewise, in file syncing, users can access files from any device which is connected to the IDrive account be it windows, system or mobile phone. Some synced files can be used for offline access, thus reducing the overall space needed to hold the data and providing unlimited time access to users of their files. Cloud storage also provides different packages and memory to store the user’s data.

Another important feature is the continuous data protection which timely backups the data by automatically sensing any changes made, so that the drive has the most updated version of the files. It is pivotal to have regular backups to face minimal amount of data loss. Users can also set a timer to increase the frequency of these backups. It is limited to 500 MB in file size. IDrive also reinforces multi device backups in which multiple device’s data can be backed up through one account only. In addition, another major feature is retrieving data, Data that is already backed up can also be restored and retrieved by logging into an account through physical shipment and the latest version of files can be downloaded in the devices. Users can also restore the downloaded files to its original version by following a sequence of instructions.

iDrive supports VMware backup including both incremental and full backups to provide VMware and other servers a solution for their data backup and protection, with that it also holds timely backup of oracle database server. It supports the feature of true Archiving, that archives all the files present in the account no matter if they are not present in PCs. iDrive does not delete anything on its own unless the user removes or deletes some files manually or by calling archive clean process. It also keeps the users informed by Events feature which generates a report of operations that have performed during sign in/ sign out, actions of upload, download and delete. All these activities are a part of web logs in iDrive.


IDrive ensures that the data is safely handled with strict checks on security. There are two different types of encryption; default- in which IDrive servers handle the encryption process and the security of the data comes under their hand. The disadvantage of this is that the US government may command to deliver personal information of any user. Data is encrypted with 256-bit AES encryption.

The other Personal Encryption Key encrypts the data and the key is known to the user only assuring end-to-end encryption, resulting in adding more security to data to avoid any unauthorized access. When the data is retrieved through a web-browser, the user’s personal key would be shared with IDrive for a minimal amount of time, which may be a point of concern in some cases.

Privacy and Support:

IDrive maintains its private encryption and alliance with GDPR and HIPA, it requires very basic information including first and last name, email, physical address and payment details. In its privacy policy it is clearly mentioned that the user’s information is confidential and would not be shared with anyone without the user’s consent unless it is an enforcement by the government to share the details.

IDrive service and Interface delivers extensive support by managing every query of the user. They also have an FAQs section to help their consumers with the most common problem. Moreover, they are even open for quick responses from their support department via chat, emails and phone calls.

Benefits and Ease of Use: 

IDrive backups everything that contains data no matter if it is your phone’s gallery, messages, contacts, any app’s data, Instagram images, WhatsApp media, Facebook messages. It is not designed specifically for Pcs, servers and Mac’s. This distinctive feature renders it unique as it offers numerous plans suitable for different scenarios. It usually gives good discounts on their regular prices. It supplies basic free plans to familiar users with its distinguishable features before switching them to the paid version of their service.

IDrive is comfortably reachable as it possesses an uncomplicated interface to connect with the users, so that a newcomer grasps it quickly. There are basically six main options




4.sync of files

5.server backup

In the backup area, users can easily back up the files that they want by following some straightforward instructions mentioned in the GUI. Similarly, with the restore option, it shows distinct files that are already present in the cloud to be downloaded and restored. The automated backup can be scheduled according to the user’s requirement in the scheduler portion. In the Sync of files area, the user provides a new location to which files need to be synced. Server Backup includes the backup of servers like MySQL and oracle to protect its data and make it available for restoring.


IDrive has an extensive variety of plans suitable for different users, specifically targeting businesses. There are three basic categories


2.IDrive personal

3.IDrive business


 Basic plan:  

It is free with a large amount of storage provided up-to 5 GB with utilizing all the facilities of IDrive. It allows multiple devices to use the same account. Furthermore, it is not time-limited; users can use this plan for as long as you desire with 5GB.

IDrive personal:  

It lets users connect as many devices as required. It gives free shipping and data transfer, keeps old versions of files, syncing and high speed of uploading files. It features mobile app backups as well, making it perfect for a family having large amount of data. Conversely, the restoration speed is comparatively slow and it does not support unlimited access to storage. There are two types of Personal plan servicing 2TB and 5TB with an annual charge of $69.5 and $99.5.0 respectively.

IDrive Business:  

There are 6 divergent plans offered by IDrive for different levels of business. There is no restriction on the number of sub-accounts and number of devices backed up. Packages are 250 GB for $99.50, 500 GB for $199.50, 1.25 TB for $499.50, 2.5 TB for $799.50, 5 TB for $1499.50, 12.5 TB for $2999.50. This plan guarantees synchronization, fast upload and restoration, high grade security as business information is more privileged, supplies strong technical growth and protected encryption of data. If the storage capacity exceeds, then an additional 50 cents per GB is charged monthly.


There are several other services that are the rivals of IDrive, some of them are Google Drive, Drop Box, Carbonite, Smartfile and SugarSync.

IDrive is a multi-featured solution having a limited storage space while on other hand, Carbonite has a simpler range of features with unlimited storage. Carbonite lacks hybrid and image-based backups, though both of them have a courier service feature for data restoration to make it less time consuming and a block-level algorithm to upload the files. Carbonite has three plans including basic, plus and prime and none of them is offered for free unlike IDrive.

IDrive is somewhat similar to Google Drive as it allows syncing of the data and sharing of files at the same time. Google Drive gives a better version of options but IDrive beats it when it comes to security and protection. Google Drive delivers convenience to users since it gives 15GB of storage on creating an account for free while on other hand, IDrive gives 5GB in their basic plan. Google Drive is more cost effective than the other one as it has cheaper rates.

Drop Box gives a basic 2GB trial storage plan, their pricing strategy is very close to Google Drive, though it does not have a variety of plans. Both of these services provide online storage and sync space. Drive seeks the advantages of offering a plan of 10TB, whereas Drop Box restricts itself to 1TB. The overall performance ratio of IDrive surpasses the performance of Drop Box.


In order to preserve valuable data from any mishap or uncertified access, users ultimately need to store their files to maintain a backup and IDrive overshadows most of the similar service providing solution as it delivers large number of features with the perfect cost-to-storage ratio, and thus enables the interests of different levels of businesses. It provides end-to-end encryption with a private key on the sacrifice of some other features; nevertheless, its competitors seem to have resolved these issues simultaneously. However, for people looking for an inexpensive and readily available backup source, IDrive is ranked among the best.

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