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SWRVE is a leader in mobile marketing automation in the world. It is the only platform that allows brands to connect with their customers with real time relevance. It is used for app marketing by the number of marketers in the world. It is installed in more than 2 million apps. This platform can be tracking 14 billion mobile events per day. This can also cover 3 billion events every day over 750 million devices. Thus, SWRVE is the most used marketing and customer engagement platform in the market. This platform has a huge demand all over the world due to its outstanding capabilities as well.

SWRVE is the platform made for mobile marketing and designed to track the behavior and purchases of users. It can deliver push messages notifications and in-app marketing campaigns. This SWRVE is the biggest platform with the aim to increase the business of mobile apps. SWRVE has a wide range of expertise as well and it can be used in mobile media news to gaming all over the world. This way the big industry uses them in their systems so they can in touch with their users. It can easy the work of mobile apps by engaging them with the users that can benefit them in many ways.


All around the world, apps use SWRVE to track the behavior of their users and create highly targeted, personalized campaigns that engage their users with them in a meaningful way. This platform helped you to learn about the base of the user and their future needs also. The apps can use this platform because they want to know about their users and this notification system can engage them with their users. Also, this platform provides the real time impact that is the need of everyone. The real time capabilities of SWRVE can make them more powerful in the world. This capability can attract a lot of markets as well to use this platform.

All the apps like social media, music, dramas, and news can use SWRVE platforms that have real time relevance messaging capability and with this, they can improve their user experience. They can give more reasons to their customers and users so they love their brand. Thus, the enterprise’s engagement and notification services reach all across the channels and devices so the enterprises engage with their customers in real-time relevance.

SWRVE platform provides the approaches and tools that allow the mobile and digital marketers to deliver the outstanding experiences for the users of mobile apps and as the result, they drive engagement, retention, and revenues across the business. This is the best platform that is installed in billions of devices and they use them for customer engagement.

Many leaders from all over the world can rely on the SWRVE platform to deliver best personalized customer experiences to their audience. They can get to know about their customers by push notifications, messaging, app notifications, SMS marketing, email, and through other channels so they can provide the best products for their customers in the market.


SWRVE is the most used service in the new world. This is considered so powerful tool for analytics and for mobile messaging. This can work by combining the messages across different channels like push, in-app messaging, alerts, web push services, email, SMS and OTT(over the top) with real time data streaming because marketers have to create the real time impact on their customers.

SWRVE platform is used by the number of world leading app companies that need them most for the customer engagement with their users. This platform work by building a profitable relationship with users by tracking segmentations, KPIs, conversation rates, engagement, and monetization, etc.  They can make their customers happy by engaging them with their brands so they can make products according to their customer’s needs.

SWRVE is the best customer interaction platform that enables the number of brands so they can do relevant conversations with their customers across mobile and other devices in real time relevance. They can help the largest brands by providing their platform so the brands can recognize the real time engagement with their customers and users. The brands can also rely on this platform because of this they also increase their revenues with a powerful return on relevance.

SWRVE explain also why they need to collect the data of client so their clients also trust them. The limited use of the user and customer personal information for different purposes. They have the limited use of user personal information so they can improve their experiences and deliver the products and services that you requested accordingly.

SWRVE is also a limited sharing option. They cannot share all the personal information of users or customer with third parties because they have privacy policies as well. They cannot sell personal information to third parties so the other parties cannot take the wrong advantage of the client’s data. The security of personal information of customers is very important as they also prevent them from loss or their misuse.


As we know that SWRVE is a big platform so it can also gain a big achievement in recent years. In 2019, the SWRVE also won the App Engagement Platform award that is the brightest moment of their team. This platform has the expertise to engage a big number of apps with their users that living a busy life.

In 2019, the team of 16 judges decides to give an award to the best engagement platform so the SWRVE wins that App Growth Award because of their best features. This App Growth Award wins by the SWRVE because they engage mobile apps with users via push notifications, messages, and other engagement measures.

This award is considered a good achievement that can lead this platform for their betterment and bright career. Their team can more concerned with them and working hard to make them more perfect so they can remain the best engagement platform among the market. When the customer is happy you already achieve the goal that’s why SWRVE engaged mobile apps with customers so they better know about them by using this platform.


Here are some features of SWRVE that can lead them at the high place in the market. The four main SWRVE platform features are Content & Personalization, Customer Data and Segmentation, Messaging and Channel, and Triggering and Delivery.

  1. Content and Personalization: The very first feature of the SWRVE platform includes personalized content, A/B testing, message templates, and rich content. To create the best customer experience they import customer data to personalize the messages. To test the creative campaigns they can use the A/B testing that is user research methodology. Then they apply the best practices with messaging templates. Then they structured the rich images, videos, GIFs with specific campaign messages.
  2. Customer Data and Segmentation: The second feature of the SWRVE platform includes dynamic campaigns, BI-level precision, churn prediction, and wide integration. This feature can help to know about your target audience so you monitor their activities and make predictions about future behavior. This feature can help to set segmentation criteria so they better target the industry’s criteria by using data from all of your apps to predict future behavior.
  3. Messaging and Channel: This feature of the SWRVE platform can deliver the relevant messages to your customers from anywhere when they want to engage with your app. This feature includes the mobile push, mobile in-app, SMS, web push, email, and OTT (over the top) in-app that engage apps with their users. They can deliver messages and notifications to engage with app users with different browsers. SWRVE delivers experiences that customers want while they surfing on the internet through channels that keep them connect with brands.
  4. Triggering and Delivery: The last feature of the SWRVE platform is the delivery and triggering that includes the scheduled or autopilot, real time behavior, cross channel, and geofencing. This feature of SWRVE can help in delivering experiences that app users want and also with real time relevance that is most needed.


  • Real Time Relevance:

The SWRVE has the best capability that it has real time relevance that can make them outstanding in the market. The brand or business need the technology that can deliver on the real time promise that is the need of the new world. Only the SWRE platform captures, processes, and segments billions of data streams across apps, devices, channels, clouds, and systems to deliver customer relevance at scale. This real time relevance can make them best across the channels all over the world.

  • Return on Relevance:

The more relevant communication leads to real results. The SWRVE helps you to connect with the customers with the help of real-time messaging at the right time also at the right place. This can give consumers the reward and they want to keep in touch with you. This can engage and retain the users that return to the brand, rate your app, and help to increase the overall revenue of your business. The SWRVE platform is for everyone that allows engaging and retaining customers to maximize measurable business outcomes.

  • More opportunities:

The SRWVE platform processes billions of actions of customers and in real-time relevance so every single day they can engage with the brands that identify and interpret the needs of their customers and provide the best for them in the market. This can leads to more opportunities for brands so they come up with better products as well that are according to their customer’s behavior.


The platform SWRVE is categorized by the departments as well and by the use of this platform, they will expand the business and create more opportunities for brands so they can predict the customer behavior easily.

The marketers use the SWRVE platform because of their real time relevance that they need for their customer experiences. The global approach is to increase the revenue that can drive to stronger business outcomes for markers all over the world. Marketers can use rich customer data, messaging campaigns, and automation delivery for customer experience.

The SWRVE also uses for the sales that help to drive stronger business outcomes in real time. The businesses can accelerate revenues growth with the use of the SWRVE platform through real time relevance and return on the relevance that their customers want the most. As we know that the real time actions lead us to real time results that reduced churn, boosted engagement with customers, and increased monetization across channels.

The products and development also need the SWRVE platform for real time relevance that designed for speed and agility. The one platform SWRVE leads to the billions of possibilities by targeting, A/B testing, and campaign messaging to meet customer needs.

The platform SWRVE also for Customer Services and Support, IT, New Mobile Initiatives, Digital Transformation Initiatives that resolve issues and support their customer needs. They also help in delivering the right message at the right time and using the technologies across devices by push notifications, SMS alerts, emails, and other engaging networks.

Partners and Management Team of SWRVE:

The SWRVE platform has a lot of partners that are the leading brands that identify, predict, and respond to the needs of their customers in real time relevance and delivering messages and notifications across devices. The new brands can make their value and increase their business in mobile by using the SWRVE platform that can engage them with their customers anywhere and anytime.

They also have the best team of experts that can make them more worthy among the brands. SWRVE leadership team consisted of mobile marketing experts that have experience in consumer marketing, marketing automation, e-commerce, and technology. So they can make SWRVE platform best for their users in the market by working alongside their leading technology partners to add real time relevance across devices and web browsers.

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