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You have visited and have been visiting many websites. All the websites have their specific domain name. The owners of websites go through a process of buying & registering the domain name. You need the right online presence if you own an established company or have an idea for a startup. In general, it is the first thing your potential buyer can do to find your product or service. If it is relatively easy to locate and navigate your website, your chances of sales can increase significantly.  Shopping on the internet has reached its peak, so it needs the time to have a domain to stand in the market.

Domain Name:

  • Increases the professional credibility of your business and helps you to stand up in the market.
  • It provides fame to your brand.
  • Establishes your  business, whether  you are selling products online or not, it  participates  in enhancing your impacts on buyers/clients.
  • Builts your domain name that stays with you
  • It helps you to rank in the search engine of Google.
  • It helps you to gain more traffic on your website.
  • Will not expire even if you are with a less annual fee.

Many  companies  are  offering  different  domains  are;  NamSilo,  GoDaddy,  Namecheap,  Uniregistry,  Google, Network  Solutions,,  Dynadot,  Yahoo,  Melbourne  IT,  Moniker,,,  and Hover.

NameSilo  is the best company in the domain registration category as it  is cheap, simple, and better. They are offering domains and domain-related  management  for the lowest  prices possible, while  not  compromising on quality. On the other hand, they are providing the best customer support. They have focused on their domains and do not have vacancies for other works like web design, SE marketing, Email support, or any other vertical that can affect their services.

What are they offering?

  • Lowest everyday domain name registration prices
  • Secure API
  • Free domain parking
  • Free WHOIS privacy
  • No hidden fees
  • Fast registration
  • No renewal upcharges
  • No minimum orders
  • Fast renewals
  • No-hassle experience

They  have  their  platform  for  registration  rather  than  any  other  registrar.  It  is  one  of  the  most  significant advantages. On the other hand,   many of their competitors rely on a third party for domain registration. There are some drawbacks to relying on the third party, such as we have to wait for the upgrades. These third parties have paid for their work, and this inflates customer’s prices. NameSilo’s customized platform reacts quickly to customer  demands  and  implements  solutions  without  any other  company  needing  clearance  or  involvement. NameSilo’s  customized  platform reacts  quickly  to  customer  demands  and  implements  solutions  without  any other company needing clearance or  involvement. They offer  you the same prices that  you see  for a domain without any additional charges. Domains are cheap with discount offers.

A comparison of prices for one domain for 1-year registration with some other companies is;

Company NamePrice PrivacyProtectionTotalComparison
NameSilo 8.99Free Free 8.99Savings
Namecheap 10.872.88Not-offered 13.754.76
Network Solutions34.999043.9935
Dotster 14.998.99Not-offered 23.9814.99
eNom Central 39.958Not-offered 47.9538.96

NameSilo Chief Executive Officer Kristaps Ronka said:

We  are  very  proud  of  the  fact  that  we  continue  to  grow at  industry  leading  rates. We are  thankful for  the support of our existing customers and the new customers that hear about us through recommendations and referrals from our current clients and partners. The fact that NameSilo has reached over 2.7 million domains under management and is growing faster than almost every other domain registrar in the world, some of which are  public  companies  with  at  least  a  billion-dollar  market  capitalization  and  huge  marketing  budgets,  is  a testament to the team and the service we are providing our customers. This rapid growth by NameSilo has been accomplished with near-zero marketing spend. We look forward to greater achievements in the months and quarters to come.

Domain Registrar:

A domain registrar,  also  known as a  DNS  registrar  (domain  name  server  short), is an organization that  sells domain  names and  manages the registration process. The domain names are the principal website address  — they usually begin with www and end

In technology, however, computers can recognize websites with a specific kind of address — an IP address that is a  long sequence of numbers separated by intervals (e.g., 111.111.111). For us, therefore, websites have an address consisting of alpha-numeric letters that usually specify a brand name or word.

For how people claim domain names, there is a certain type of process. e There are registries  that control the various  top  domains.  The  registries  are  large,  centralized  databases  with  data  on  which  domain  names  are requested and  by whom. However, the registries do  not  explicitly sell the names. They pass the  job to  DNS registrars.

Registrars  should  be  certified  by  the  Internet  Corporation  for  Assigned  Names  and  Numbers  (a  non-profit organization). Then you  must register the domain with your local registry by updating your details each time you sell your domain to a customer.

Now, we are moving toward the domain registrar of NameSilo. It is the world‟s second-largest domain that is growing  now  a  day.  NameSilo  allows  you  to  buy  and  register  your  domain  names.   ICANN  (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), a non-profit organization, is responsible for the approval and managing of all the domain names. Here are some excellent features of this domain.

How to register:

You can purchase your domain single or in bulk by registering on NameSilo. Here there is the complete guide on how to register your domain name?

  1. Open google/chrome on your device
  2. Search for
  3. In Domain Search, can be seen in the above image, put on the name that you want.
  4. Click on the Search
  5. There will open many boxes with extensions, just choose the .com. box. If the box is green, it means it is available, but in case of the red box, it is registered already.
  6. After that, an option „Register Checked Domain‟ will appear, click on that.
  7. For  finishing  the  registration  you  have  to  check  some  configurations,  We  recommend  to  do  the following;
    • Service Link-leave it Default.
    • Name Service-it will be changed later, for now, leave it alone
    • Auto renew-you can choose either yes or no depends on you.
    • Privacy-you must have to choose WHOIS; then, your information will be no more public.
    • Set All Years-just to leave it the way it is leave alone.
    • Continue click this button.
    • Then you are with a page asking for your account information, add it.
    • Then pay for registration.
    • Click on Create My New Account


While buying any domain, you have to keep in mind the price of the domain. Many registrars offer the domain with low prices, but they have some hidden fees, or they may increase the price at the renewal time. NameSilo domain registrar assures that there are no hidden charges as well as free of any increment in price at the time of renewal. Above in the article, a comparison of registration prices with some other companies is given. Pricing of some popular TLD‟s can be seen below;

Domain Extension                               Price of Extension
.com $8.99
.org $10.79
.net $11.79

How to transfer your existing domain to NameSilo:

You can transfer your single or multiple domains to the NameSilo. You will get the one-year extra time that will be added to the time of your existing registration. This‟ll let you save your money.

Three easy steps for transferring to NameSilo:

  1. First, just type the name of the domain that you want in the search bar and check whether it meets the requirements of transfer or not. If yes, then follow step 2
  2. Check out; you have all the information along with transfer code. Put your transfer code.
  3. In the end,  add  domain  cart  & head  to  the  checkout.  The  transfer  will  be  completed  within  5-7  days automatically.

Some of the popular TLDs with transfer price is given in the table:

Extension Name Transfer Price      
.com $8.39
.org $10.79
.net $11.79
.biz $13.99

All Services:

All the services of NameSilo include;

  • Web hosting (Hosting plans)
  • Aftermarket (Namesilo marketplace)
  • API (Basic API)
  • Domains (Find a domain, transfer a domain, WHOIS service)
  • Security (SSL certificates, Free domain privacy)
  • Email (Gsuite email, Free email forwarding)
  • Reseller (Reseller Program)

Expiration Policies:

Before and after the expiration date, NameSilo sends multiple notifications. It helps in keeping the customer’s Email current with the company. It is up to you to check your renewal date.

  • They will email you a list of all the domains that are going to expire in the following month.
  • They will also let you know that automatic renewal is set up or not.
  • You will get an Email before 30 days and the before 7 days of expiration.

Suspension or Termination of Services:

NameSilo can disconnect your services within 30 days of domain initiation or domain renewal. The reasons for rejecting your domain name registration application are following

  • Prohibited domain name registration
  • Irregularities in the payment
  • Abusing the services
  • Conducting illegal things
  • Your account and WHOIS information is not accurate and up to date
  • When you are not responding three calendar days‟ inquiries from the NameSilo
  • Under any court order, government rules, governmental agency,   requests of law enforcement and any other government requirements, they will terminate or disconnect your services
  • In case of your involvement in any crime
  • For the protection of the domain name system‟s  security, integrity &  stability
  • When you are not responding to their payment inquiries for 24 hours

After suspension or termination of your services, refunds cannot be issued.

Premium Domains:

Sometimes you may see the pricing of new registration, transferring existing domain or renewal of domain on the website of NameSilo, and the pricing on your search result page is not the same. This happens when you are going  to  register  a  premium  domain.  When  you  add  a  domain,  you  will  be  immediately  notified  about  the pricing. So always check pricing on your shopping cart while adding or changing the order.

Advantages of Premium domain:

Here are some key advantages of purchasing a premium domain;

  • Short sweet and simple:

Because almost everyone already owns a domain, the premium may be your only hope to market your organization using a concise or captivating domain name.

  • Esteemed:

The majority of premium domain names have existed for many years, with a lot of backlinks that lead the user to their own websites with references. This has a huge effect on the Seo optimization of the site.

  • Generate more commerce:

People that look for your service or product can easily bypass your search by entering your address in the search bar and sending it directly to your web site, using a simple and direct premium web address, such as

So,  for  any type  of organization,  at  any stage  of  its growth,  a  strong  domain  name  is  essential.  It  will draw customers  with  a  snappy  slogan  or  a  unique  title.  It  inspires  a  sense  of  professionalism  or  satisfaction.  It differentiates  your  business  in  your  industry  from  others.  Your  domain  name  must  reflect,  simple  and memorable, your brand.

Contact Information of NameSilo

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Phone Number:

Customers can contact on business hours (Monday to Friday 9:30 am-4:00 pm) at; 602-492-8198

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