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NordVPN Review

I’m going to be reviewing Nord VPN and see whether or not they might be the right provider for you. I’m actually going to go ahead and connect my Netflix to my Nord VPN account and see how they actually perform when accessing geobox content as well and also I’m going to download a torrent in real time so I can show you this speeds that you may receive.

NordVPN Price

Well let’s get started okay guys so the first thing I looked into when reviewing Nord VPN was the price so as you can see the pricing of Nord VPN for their most inexpensive plan is $3.49 per month and this is based on when you sign up for the 36 month plan and this comes to a grand total of $125.64, so as for the price to value ratio of Nord VPN I’d say they’re around the middle of the road they’re not the most pricey option out there and they’re also not their most inexpensive as well but for what you do get from the service I do think this is very well priced especially when you compare them to express VPN as they do cost $6.67 per month and from my own experience of using both of these providers both these speeds and reliability have been relatively good across the board though as far as pricing is concerned I do think it’s really great value for what you do get from the service.
NordVPN Review

NordVPN Server Locations

So the next thing I looked into when reviewing Nord VPN was the amount of servers and also the amount of countries that you can connect to on their network so as of making this video in early 2020 they do have 5200 plus servers in over 59 countries so from my own experience this is by far one of the largest network of servers that I’ve ever used on a VPN service and this is also a major advantage as this does allow users to connect to servers pretty much anywhere around the world and have a very well optimized server so you can get really reliable speeds and performance and from my own experience of using Nord VPN I’ve been able to connect to various countries around the world and I’ve never been blocked by any streaming services or gaming networks as well and I also do think this is one of the major advantages to using more VPN so when it comes to these servers available on Nord VPN I would say this is definitely one of their strong suits.

NordVPN Review

NordVPN Maximum Devices Limit

So the next thing I looked into when reviewing Nord VPN was the amount of devices that you can connect to on a single account and also the devices and the compatibility of their service. You can connect up to five devices on the Nord VPN service and you’re also compatible with such platforms as Android Windows Mac OS iOS Android TV Chrome Firefox and heaps others and for my own personal situation I’m currently using an or VPN on my macbook computer my Apple TV my iPhone and also my android is tablet as well.

NordVPN Review

NordVPN Security Encryption

So the next thing I looked into when reviewing Nord VPN was their security encryption their compatibility with torrenting and also their no login policy as well so as you can see not VPN is using the open VPN protocol which is the gold standard amongst VPN services and they are also implementing the AES 256 military-grade encryption as well and from my own experience Nord VPN works extremely well with torrenting as well, and as for there no login policy nor VPN doesn’t log any usage or whatsoever so I’ve just gone ahead and taken this screenshot from their website and as you can see they do not log any incoming or outgoing IP addresses any connection date and duration the amount of data transferred and also the VPN servers used as well so if you are looking for a VPN provider that has a strict no logging policy then Nord VPN is actually an awesome option.

NordVPN Review

So the next thing I looked into was the jurisdiction and the location of Nord VPN so they’re actually located in Panama which means they are out of the 14 eyes Alliance which is a huge thumbs up and this is also really great as Panama actually has very relaxed our data retention lourdes so this does allow Nord VPN to provide their strip to no login policy so another thing I looked into when reviewing Nord VPN was actually their compatibility and performance with accessing our geo blocked content so for myself per this is one of the main reasons why I do sign up for VPN services as at the moment I’m here in Pakistan and we miss out on a ton of content and this includes TV shows and movies however when you do connect to a VPN service like Nord VPN this does allow you to access all the different versions of Netflix from around the world and other streaming platforms such as HBO GO Amazon Prime and also Disney Plus as well and from my own experience of using north VPN they’ve been extremely reliable and their speeds have also been really great when connecting to our servers abroad.
If you have any other questions about Nord VPN please drop them down below as I’ll be more than happy to help you guys out so as always thanks for reading.

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