We have all been there. Those long lines and that chaos, multiple visits and bad management, scorching summers and the long wait. Yes, this is all you face inside the NADRA office. The whole Nadra online CNIC registration process can be very complicated and frustrating as you can find tons of people there with the same need, and everyone wants to get done with the whole process ASAP. However, there is good news for all of our readers! Now, the government has introduced NADRA services online. Yes, you read it right; now registering your CNIC can be done by sitting at home while following some simple steps.

Here, we are jotting down complete information that you should follow in order to get your NADRA’s online CNIC registered. Follow the steps mentioned below and you will get your ID card delivered at your doorsteps.

How to Apply for Online CNIC

This is from where the journey begins; http://id.nadra.gov.pk/. It’s an online portal by NADRA to resolve all your CNIC issues without any hassle. At the mentioned link above, you can simply get yourself registered online by filling in the basic information. If you’re living in Pakistan, you will receive a verification email and a pin through SMS. However, Pakistanis who are living abroad, their complete procedure will be done.

After successfully registering yourself at the portal, you can process your application by selecting your agenda. Whether, you’ve just turned 18 and getting your CNIC registered for the very first time, renewing your about to expire CNIC or reprinting one, getting a new overseas ID card or modifying your CNIC details, all can be done through this online portal.

And, once you’ve chosen the purpose of your online CNIC registration, you can proceed with your application. The required documents and the fee may vary as per the objective.

Supporting Documents

There are always a couple of documents to be attached to any application. Making things shift towards the internet doesn’t change that. The new online NADRA CNIC system has a quite simple interface, making it pretty easy to use. To know what the NIC card requirements are and what documents would you need to attach for the online smartcard application, this whole info can be seen at http://id.nadra.gov.pk/know-requirements/. The list varies some crucial documents are;

  1. Photo Capture
  2. Fingerprints Capture
  3. Form Filling
  4. Document Upload.

It is quite interesting how NADRA is making registration processes easy for us. The portal can also be easily accessed from a mobile phone. The CNIC online system isn’t only easy to use, but NADRA has also got a clearly instructed answer for all your queries. You name it, they have it.  To help you with the supporting documents, they’ve got a detailed tutorial so that you don’t get anything wrong and the system keeps running smoothly. We have included a short preparatory guide from NADRA regarding the supporting documents, which is: http://id.nadra.gov.pk/download-guides

Keep one thing in mind that NADRA may inquire for additional documents as per their needs later.

Application Fee for Online CNIC

With the perks comes the price, and it even seems right because after all, you’re getting everything by just clicking. Either you’re living in Pakistan or overseas, you’ve to pay the fee for the NADRA online CNIC application form. The fee varies as per your request. No matter if you’ve chosen to register your CNIC or for the renewal or some other reason, the fee will be different for each agenda. You can see fee structure, including the delivery fee and modifications, for online CNIC or NICOP applications at http://id.nadra.gov.pk/fee-details-cnic/.

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The online NADRA CNIC system was the need of the hour. It came to us as a blessing in disguise, sweeping out all our worries away and letting us complete this utmost important process easily and calmly. We can hope from the government of Pakistan to keep on taking such measure which not only results in our ease but also makes our country more technology-oriented on an international and local scale. We also hope that this article will give best of the knowledge you actually needed!