PTCL Partners with Cloudflare to increase Internet Speed

To increase the internet speed all over Pakistan, PTCL added Cloudflare Content Delivery Network, which increases the speed of the internet all over Pakistan from North to South and Central of Pakistan.

If you start getting faster internet speed without getting any signal dropping or lagging issue, then it’s just because of Cloudflare.

What is Cloudflare (CDN)?

Cloudflare is one of the largest network companies which make your website load faster than ever. It improves the page loading speed as well as reducing bandwidth usage on the server. Moreover, due to an unlimited number of servers all over the world, if you start getting any fail to load website error, then CDN automatically moves to another server and loads the website for you without any error. Cloudflare CDN also helps you by protecting your site from different DDoS attacks by blocking different threats before reaching the site.

Most of the Pakistani are currently hosting their website outside the country. So the main reason behind the partnership of PTCL with Cloudflare is to return those Pakistani domains hosted on their own country instead of outside the country. After the partnership with Cloudflare, PTCL offering you are faster speed without getting any lagging or signal dropping issues on different PTCL packages like 2MB, 4MB, and even on 8MB, afterward you will never face any slow speed issues no matter if you are from Northern, Southern, and Central areas of Pakistan. This partnership will increase the User experience of PTCL Users, and now your down streaming rate is decreased from 150ms to close to 20ms.

To improve the speed and loading time, Cloudflare allowed the PTCL users to access different DNS networks, which give them better performance. As we all know, every internet request begins with the support of a DNS request, so it is very important for the internet service provider to access the most available directory to get a better internet experience. After the partnership with Cloudflare, PTCL is now connected with the world’s fastest DNS known as (, which can be hosted and accessed to every person all over Pakistan. After using Directory, you will get faster internet speed and response time than the previous speed, which is offered by PTCL to all of its users before partnering with Cloudflare. GPON Customer will access within 5ms while VDSL/DSL customers can access within 35ms all over Pakistan, which is quite impressive as compared to older results.

Benefits of PTCL Partners with Cloudflare

Following are the benefits which you will get after the partnership of PTCL with the Cloudflare;

  • Cloudflare helps by improving the page load speed and reducing CPU usage on the server.
  • It helps you by protecting your sites from various DDoS attacks.
  • You will get six times faster speed than the other internet service providers.
  • You will never get lagging problems all over Pakistan. No matter if you are from the Northern region or from the Southern Region, you will never face such a problem.
  • You will get faster internet speed which allows you to watch movies and live cricket on your Television easily.
  • You will get a high ping on the internet, which also improves your gaming experience on the PTCL internet.
  • According to statistics by Cloudfare, some sites now open more than three times faster than ever on PTCL.
  • Users can access any of his favorite websites from 12 million websites offered by the internet with faster loading speed.

Cloudflare Launches Three Data Centers  Across P[akistan to Improves Internet Speed

Cloudflare is a content delivery network that provides faster loading speed to all of its users. Cloudflare opens three different centers all in Pakistan to provide better internet speed. They open these three centers in Karachi, Islamabad, and Lahore.

Now, if you are playing online games like PUBG, Fortnite, and Call of Duty: Mobile, you will face a huge decrease in the lagging problems, which also improve your gaming experience. Due to faster and better internet speed, now you will be able to access your favorite website, services, and apps quicker than ever. Cloudflare also said that they are still improving their service to provide a better internet experience to all users across Pakistan.

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