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A Virtual Private Network (VPN) is usually created to connect the two users to a dedicated link using the internet. It is used to access unauthorized content using a proxy. It secures a private system, utilizing encryption and some other security instruments to guarantee that lone approved clients can get to the system and that the information cannot be caught or leaked. This sort of system is intended to give a safe scrambled passage in which the information is transmitted between the distant client and the dedicated systems.

Surf shark is relatively a new service that was started in the middle of 2018. It is owned by an organization based in the British Islands given that it is still a fresh face in the VPN industry. If you ever have been even a little concerned about your online privacy, there are chances that you’ve to look up for getting a VPN service. There are a bunch of different VPN services right now on the market that all sort of offer the same basic thing, but if we talk about the surf shark that why it might just be the best option out there, we come to know that it is super easy to use and featured-packed VPN service, that comes in at a pretty good price.

Surf shark essentially encrypts all the data you are sending and seeing online so that no one else who might be poking around your network can view it, this includes things like passwords, emails, private messages, photos, videos or any sort of sensitive material that you wouldn’t want anyone else to look at. In an online world filled with malware, trackers, phishing, scams, hackers, and criminal surveillance setups, surf shark is your line of defense, ensuring that your sensitive and important online information is secured and protected. Surf Shark offers many features and tools that separate it from other VPN services, for example, if surf shark is enabled, it will automatically block ads, trackers, and malware for a better online experience. If you use public Wi-Fi often like at a coffee shop, airport or any other public spot, you can remain confident that surf shark is protecting your information on almost all the public networks and as far as the super-sensitive data like financial login credentials and online banking, surf shark promises to ensure a safe and protected experience that extends even to cryptocurrency assets. Moreover, surf shark is a versatile VPN in the sense that allows you to bypass censorship in content blocks in certain countries, so you can still bend watch your favorite Netflix shows, for example, even in areas where it’s been blocked, and you can also watch Netflix content that’s only available in other countries and no other VPN services offer a feature like that. Besides, surf shark can also help tiptoe through online censorship and sharing an open and free internet for everyone. It assists you in finding the best online prices when you shop, including flights and hotels, it also ensures privacy. While downloading, torrenting, or viewing any content online some other important things to note about surf shark, Because of where the company is based, they can offer a no data retention guarantee, so none of your internet activity will ever be logged by surf shark or subject to surveillance.

Besides, your VPN usage at home is camouflage, so if your ISP is not a fan of you using one, they won’t know about it anyway. As far as their pricing model, surf shark does offer a few different subscription options to choose from. However, if you want to save a bunch of money, some long-term pricing options offer big discounts also.

Surf shark right now is available on most of the operating systems and platforms, as an easy-to-use application or add-on and this includes web browsers like Chrome, Firefox, Android and IOS devices via Google play store, app store Mac OS, Windows computers and laptops of course, and if you’d rather take it a step further, you also have some advanced manual configuration options as well provided that you know how to use that method. Surf shark is one of the few reliable VPN providers that has a good score over Trustpilot site.

Surf shark allows you to have unlimited simultaneous connections for all your devices which at least makes them the only VPN to offer that what that means is you can have all your smartphones, tablets, computers and laptops connected via surf shark all at once there’s no limit on the number of devices. There is no help accessible for conventions like L2TP/IPsec or PPTP etc. Surf shark utilizes the business standard Open VPN convention on all appliances and platforms. This incorporates their iOS application, which beforehand just utilized the IKEv2 convention. Therefore, you can feel assured to use more grounded security on your iPhone and iPad devices. Starting in 2020, Surfs hark VPN is additionally among a couple of suppliers that offer the new Shadow socks convention, which helps in bypassing geo-limitations in nations like China. Concerning encryption, the supplier underpins two unique figures, AES-256-CBC and AES-256-GCM. You can transform them into all applications as per your security preferences.

Surf shark offers VPN locations in more than 50 countries and US cities with more than 800 servers worldwide, so you’re always going to be able to have a strong, fast and secure connection no matter where you are, what server you want to use your VPN. There’s even a multi-hop option that allows encrypting the internet traffic through two different servers in two different locations for additional protection to keep things simple, surf shark doesn’t offer a ton of additional options or settings but you can enable a kill switch which will automatically disable internet access. If the VPN isn’t connected to ensure your privacy, there’s a clean web option like blocking ads and trackers and an option to detect whether you are in a country that restricts certain internet usage.

Potential network speed decreases when using surf shark often when connected to VPN, it might be noticed that the downloads and upload speed being less than what the people are used to depending on the server they are connected. Surf shark is incredibly straightforward and easy to use a VPN service. Surf shark has good loading time and high-quality video, which is kind of surprising, considering this is a newer VPN have compared to many other options out there. Then regarding speed, this is often one of the most important features when using a VPN because, without a fast and reliable connection any feature you are trying to use can be pretty pointless or useless, but it’s also important to note that there will be at least a decrease in speed because they are adding a server for you to connect through, so after running several tests in over 30 different countries using a dozen different servers the average was about 5 to 10 percent drop in speed.

It’s also worth noting that surf shark has very strong encryption protocols, including an open VPN. You can use their live chat support to get the help needed and they’re happy to assist and troubleshoot any problems or issues you have with the wait times, or going back and forth with the problem over email or any kind of other problem. There are a lot of reasons surf shark would probably be the best choice for someone, but on the other hand, it’s not going to be the right fit for everyone. First of all surf shark doesn’t have the most advanced features, for example, you’re not able to change the encryption rate, change the Shawn, there’s no port forwarding but unless you’re a more advanced user, this is something specific you’re looking for it’s not going to affect you. If you’re looking for a professional security level VPN or a VPN with a lot of security options, surf shark wouldn’t be the way to go although there’s plenty of robust security for the average home user, someone looking to use this in a more professional capacity will probably want to spend more on a VPN with the more professional level security options and, if you’re a Linux user then you may experience DNS leaks or transparent proxies, while you are connected to surf shark.

Surf Shark doesn’t have a lot of security options, but they do have the basics which are secure encryption, DNS protection, and an automatic kill switch on all native apps, and they don’t have to worry about any data leaks if your VPN suddenly drops unexpectedly. Surf Shark does have some pretty good security features like Multi-Hop, which is their version of the double VPN, which is directly for traffic through an extra layer of protection by adding another server. We also have a clean plan which helps protect you against tracking, phishing attempts, and malware. The third feature is called camouflage mode, which uses special servers that can bypass Internet firewalls or any other blocking. This is ideal for countries with limited Internet access because it stops your ISP for monitoring actions, but it only works with open VPN such as Windows, IOS, etc. These are three basic features that every VPN has and surf shark also has them, but it doesn’t seem like they have any more advanced features like changing the Shawn or changing the encryptions rate as tor guard has. The most impressive thing though is surf shark’s commitment to security and privacy, they’ve hired a cyber firm called cure 53. Sort of test or do an audit of their web extensions in today’s day and age where you can’t trust their claims of security and stuff of VPN providers, this is amazing that surf shark voluntarily did something on their own. Audits are basic for two fundamental reasons. To start with, free cybersecurity specialists break down codes and find vulnerabilities. They give significant input which encourages designers and specialists to improve their administrations. Secondly, to be a valid VPN, it’s important to give whatever number verifications as could be expected under the circumstances. Clients are regularly not aware of what goes on in the engine of a VPN administration. It requires both specialized and lawful information. Reviews illuminate people about the general condition of the administration. So, they decided to have their third-party audit to test their Browser’s extensions. Cure53 team sent their two experts for 5 days and did it for free of cost. They only discovered two minor security issues regarding these additional items and declared, they were amazingly happy with them, considering the best in class VPN program additional items aren’t that protected at any rate.

Surf shark was happy with the outcomes and focused on continuing considerably further to conveying what they guarantee.

Surf shark is one of the three top VPN suppliers after NordVPN and ExpressVPN with regards to security, choice of VPN conventions, and velocities. Surf shark is one of only a handful few VPN suppliers that know how the VPN business functions. They endeavor perfectionism for everything for their potential client to quite using their administration.

With regards to picking a privileged VPN supplier, we may need to investigate other accessible highlights, and what makes the component one of a kind contrasted with others, for example, Clean Web that channels malevolent locales while associated with the VPN and whitelisted permits just a particular project to be steered to the web without experiencing the VPN burrow, that conveys your genuine IP address, absolutely merits spotlight here. Comparable with Cyber Ghost’s work area GUI application, Surf shark additionally offers two subject variations for their application, multiple modes.

As compared to other VPN providers, surf shark worked admirably by giving a steady, secure, and zero-personal time administration. Moreover, the specialist organization pushing refreshes for the customer application for twice in a month, demonstrating the supplier takes protection and security. Considering the test results, Surf shark scores the best grade right now among all the VPN providers.

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